Tuesday, December 27, 2011

#7 Most Played Songs of 2011

#7: The-Dream - Long Gone

That The-Dream is one of the most creative and unique artists today is nothing new. Nobody in modern R&B has a so unique sound of his own. In 2011 The-Dream released an album, 1977, under his real name Terius Nash. The album was available for free via his homepage, but that didn't stop from being one of the best albums this year. The album is just great from beginning to end with out no fill out tracks. "Long Gone" is the standout track with an infectious bass line with a spanish flamenco feel to it. The expectations for his next album "Love IV: Diary of A Mad Man" just hit the ceiling. Just listen to the song about his late mother "1977 (Miss You Still)" and you'll understand why.

"Another day with you is just another fuckin day."

Bonus: Download the album "1977" here.

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