Friday, January 6, 2012

#1 Most Played Song of 2011

#1 DMX - Last Hope

"The Champ!"

Det finns bara en och det kommer alltid bara finnas en DMX och han är UNDISPUTED precis som titeln på hans nästkommande skiva. Årets utan tvekan bästa låt alla kategorier! Finns inte så mycket mer att säga egentligen, 2011 var ett bra musikår! Kolla på videon och läs låttexten. INGEN berättar en historia i sina låtar som DMX! As usual, bonusar efter hoppet.

"Damn! I went through it again
After telling everybody I wouldn't do it again
I kinda feel like I let my people down (yup)
But to get them right, I got's to pick myself up"
"I got's to do it for me, or do it for them,
I ain't playing with this shit, Im'ma do it to win
Know I can do it again, cause I did it before
With little to no effort, and y'all ni***s knew the story 

First album dropped in may, second in december
Both went platinum in one year like: Y'all don't remember? 

Only ni**a who's first five albums debuted at number one
And you wonder why I call you son? My son!"
"I'mma thank you for it all, the blessings and the curses
And I hope you listening, there's a lesson in the verses"

Bonusar: Osläppta låtar och leftovers från vad som skulle ha blivit "Redemption Of The Beast" eller "Walk With Me Now, Fly With Me Later" (Gospel/rap album). Yup.

DMX - Lord We Thank You ft. Janyce
DMX - Let Me Be Your Angel ft. Janyce
DMX - Didn't Go Nowhere ft. Jan
DMX - Y'all Don't Really Know
DMX - Change Is Gonna Come
DMX - Time To Get Paid

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