Sunday, January 2, 2011

# 10 Most played songs of 2010

GMODT has compiled the best/most played songs* of 2010 by adding together the number of plays a song has on our iTunes + iPod. This is of course a rough measure of how good a song is. Some times you play a song to its death and then leave it like yesterdays trash, while other go with you through out the year. Of course we will also give you all the best song of 2010 on the best measure there is; The way you felt when you first heard it. How high and excuberant did that particular song get you when you first pressed play?!

*Of course, only songs released during 2010 are elegible for this list.

Here we go! Chea!

#10 Light Up - Drake ft. Jay-Z

Drake's first appearence on the list. The best song from Drake's amazing debut Thank Me Later. We thank him now. Oh, and as usual when Jay-Z is the guest. Jay-Z > Drake.

Man, when this beat starts, get motivated!

Jay-Z qoute:
"Man, I don't do too much bloggin' 
I just run the town, I don't too much joggin'"

Ladda ner: Light Up - Drake ft. Jay-Z 

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